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"I am Overwhelmingly Pleased"

I am overwhelmingly pleased with the outcome of my case and the excellent service I received from the Law Offices of Attorney John S Moffa and his wonderful, caring staff. Attorney Moffa won my case, obtaining the largest compensation possible after I sustained a trimalleolar fx of my ankle in a car/bike accident. From our first meeting in the hospital, Attorney Moffa was very personable, providing me with confidence that my case would be handled with the utmost professionalism, personal attention and compassion. His words to me were that I should focus on healing, and his firm would take care of the rest. This was extremely helpful to me because I am from NJ, and knew nothing about Massachusetts' laws. Attorney Moffa helped me navigate everything. Attorney Moffa is a man of honesty and integrity. He patiently explained in detail every aspect of my case including all possible outcomes. I was always able to contact Attorney Moffa and his staff at anytime with my questions, in addition to continuously receiving updates. Thank you Attorney Moffa and staff! I focused on my recovery, and thank God I am now walking up to 2 miles!! God bless you!

J. L.

First of all, I would like to start off and say thank you to John, Lisa, Carol and the other John and everybody in the Moffa Law Staff had really been there to help me throughout being sick and when I was at my worst. Attorney Moffa came through and he really helped me out and I could never ever repay him for anything but to say that he is a really good man and he really means what he says. Attorney Moffa cares about doing a good job and really goes above and beyond to get you what you need and listens to what you want. He is always willing to help and like I said he was there when I was at my worst point and now he has helped turn my life around. I do not know how I could ever repay him but just know that I would always recommend him and if I ever God forbid got into another accident I wouldn’t hesitate to come see him. thank you so much.


I was referred to Attorney Moffa from a friend after being injured in a motor vehicle crash. Attorney Moffa and his team assisted me and guided me through the entire process. Their biggest concern was that I get better from my injuries. The office took care of all bills and insurance issues, as I went to Physical Therapy and other doctor's visits. I was always informed as to the status of my claim and the progress being made. The office would return phone calls and emails promptly. Attorney Moffa was able to meet me at my convenience and at his Falmouth office which was much more convenient for me. We reached an extremely fair settlement at the end. If I ever need a personal injury lawyer or have someone that needs one, I would refer Attorney Moffa in a heartbeat.

John S.
"Attorney Moffa Did What He Promised Me That He Would Do All Along"

From the very first evening I called attorney, Moffa, sitting on my couch in tears, while contemplating my options, what my rights even were, and how on earth I was going to resolve my case/situation, I almost immediately knew that choosing attorney Moffa was the best decision I could’ve ever made! To begin, , I never expected him to pick up the phone, as it was 7pm on a Friday evening. In my mind, I was definitely headed into someone’s voicemail to leave a message, hoping they would get back to me. To my surprise, not only did John answer the phone, but he spent the next 45 minutes assuring me that he, along with his amazing team was more than capable of resolving my case/situation. Take into consideration that this was in 2020. We were right in the thick of Covid when face-to-face meetings were virtually impossible and the legal system, along with the rest of the world had come to a near complete halt. When many of the other parties involved used the situation as an excuse to drag their feet, unsure when the world would open up again, Attorney Moffa continued to push forward, using the additional “down time” to further build our relationship and strengthen his understanding of who I was as a person, a client and a mother, which in turn solidified my case far beyond the elements of the law that were involved. Attorney Moffa put in the time and energy to learn who I was as a person and why this wasn’t simply a court case for me. Instead, it encompassed the futures for both my daughter and myself. After nearly 3 1/2 years, countless hours of questions and answers and a client file that was nearly a foot thick, attorney Moffa did what he promised me that he would do all along. He fought for me, advocated for my case and when we finally reached “The day” that was set to define my future, together we sat side by side and came to a final resolution to my case/situation that I’d been entrusting him with all along! . The same situation/case that he listened to me cry to him about during our very first conversation that Friday evening in 2020 when he surely had somewhere better to be, and didn’t have to pick up that phone call at 7 PM. And as I turned to walk out of his office that day, John looked me in the eyes, as he has many times, and said one final parting statement. “Kaity, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you. More than that, it’s been amazing watching you as a mother ! I’ve witnessed you interact with your daughter, encourage her to be the best that she can be and raise her to be an incredible young lady. That says a lot about who you are and who you intend for her to become.” I quietly said “thank you,” while wiping the tears down my cheeks as I too said “goodbye” and “thank you” to yet another amazing individual and an equally gifted, kind and compassionate attorney, whom I would recommend time and time again! There’s something very different and spectacular about John Moffa and his team. You would be selling yourself short If you don’t take the same chance I did, and just give him a call! I promise you, you will thank me!

Kaitlyn A.
Dec 11, 2023
"Would Gladly Recommend Services"

Very accommodating extremely knowledgeable and genuinely good and professional experience and would gladly recommend services.

Ande B.
Aug 15, 2023
"Attorney Moffa and His Associates Were Wonderful"

My husband and I were in a car accident . Attorney Moffa and his associates were wonderful. They were efficient , friendly and professional. Attorney Moffa took the time to go over everything with us as well as showing much concern for our well being. My husband and myself recommend his service 100%. We were very happy with the outcome . My husband and myself have never gone thru a bad accident like we did ,and attorney Moffa and his associates made our bad experience easier to handle.

Debra K.
Apr 13, 2022
"I Would Highly Recommend Attorney John Moffa"

Attorney John Moffa and his staff are very pleasant and professional. I couldn't of gotten through everything that was involved without their help and support. I would highly recommend Attorney John Moffa.

Liz B.
Apr 17, 2021
"He Is an Exceptional Lawyer and Human Being"

After getting injured in a car accident I had no idea where to turn. After doing some research, my mom came across Mr..John Moffa. He is an exceptional Lawyer and human being. If you are looking for an attorney’s office that is professional, responsive, and genuinely cares about your well-being then look no further than The Law Offices of John S. Moffa. The outcome of my case exceeded my expectations! I can now move on from this whole ordeal and I couldn’t of done it without the help of John and his team.

Alexis N.
Feb 24, 2020
"I Would Highly Recommend Them"

Law Offices of John Moffa was very responsive to my case and kept me well informed about the progress they were making on my behalf. I am very pleased with all of their performances. I am very pleased at what I received and would like to thank all of them for a job well done and if I ever need any legal advice or know of anyone that does, I would highly recommend them.

Mia K.
Oct 26, 2020
"Great Attorney Who Will Keep You Informed and Get Results"

Attorney Moffa and his team are highly knowledgeable and professional. They were extremely helpful and prompt in resolving my case. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

Vram V Falmouth, MA
Jun 14, 2015
"I am Most Grateful for This Compensation and Very Grateful to You for Your Wonderful Service to Me"

Dear Attorney Moffa, This note is to let you know how very grateful I am that you were able to resolve the matter of my loss satisfactorily. When I first came to see you, my concern was that all my medical bills would be taken care of and that all my physical problems that I had incurred because of this accident, would eventually heal. On my last visit to see you, you mentioned that you were now ready to ask for a settlement for all the discomfort that I had endured. The check for (undisclosed) was more than I ever realized that I would receive for this loss. I am most grateful for this compensation and very grateful to you for your wonderful service to me. I also would like to say, at this time, that each time I came to your office or spoke on the phone to your staff they treated me with much warmth and caring. It was such a pleasure for me to visit each time. Thank you again for making the above settlement possible. Sincerely, Muriel E.

Muriel E.
Apr 2, 2015
"I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Attorney Moffa and His Staff"

I can't say enough good things about Attorney Moffa and his staff. My original lawyer didn't think my case was worth pursuing. I was devastated because due to my fall I had fractured my leg and was unable to work. I went to Attorney Moffa who immediately hired experts to look at the steps where I had fallen. Due to Attorney Moffa and his supportive staff I was able to settle my case for enough money to allow me to purchase a new home for my family. I will forever be grateful to Attorney Moffa.

Michelle New Bedford
Oct 28, 2014
"I am Happy to Recommend Attorney Moffa to Any Injured Person Who Needs a Good Lawyer"

I first became aware of Attorney Moffa while I was a member of a jury on one of Attorney Moffa's cases. I was inspired by his demeanor and court room skills. So, when I was injured in an auto accident he was the first person I called. I am happy to recommend Attorney Moffa to any injured person who needs a good lawyer.

Zophia Falmouth
Sep 2, 2014
"The Best Thing I did was Call Attorney Moffa"

I was struggling trying to deal with the insurance company. Even though the accident wasn't my fault they made me feel like I was the one was to blame. The best thing I did was call Attorney Moffa. Lisa and Carol were there for me throughout my claim. They made sure all my bills and lost wages were paid and that I was continuously informed about the progress of my case.

Lynne Cape Cod
Jul 10, 2014
"In Addition to Being a Good Attorney John is Compassionate and Understanding"

I was so angry after being attacked by a pit bull. Throughout my long recovery John and his entire firm not only gave me excellent legal service but provided me with the emotional and psychological support I needed to go through the legal process. In addition to being a good attorney John is compassionate and understanding.

Susan Hyannis
Mar 15, 2014

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